Acelero Learning Named Head Start Exemplar by Bellwether Education Partners

Bellwether Education, a leading education research and consulting firm, named Acelero Learning one of five exemplar Head Start programs across the country. Authors Ashley LiBetti and Sara Mead analyzed the entire Head Start landscape and ultimately narrowed their focus to Head Start programs that have evaluative evidence of positive effects on children’s learning outcomes. They spent nearly three years digging into the detailed design and practices of the Acelero Learning program, trying to understand what led to its success with children.  

From their observations and analysis of the program practices, the authors developed four publications in the Leading by Exemplar suite of work. The in-depth case studies of the five high-performing programs include lessons for the field, and two policy briefs (one on data utilization practices and one on instructional models). This research is the first of its kind and, taken together, offers lessons both for other Head Start programs and for policymakers who want to expand access to quality early learning in the early childhood world.

We at Shine Early Learning (SEL) are proud of the approaches and innovations that Acelero Learning has put into action across all its programs. All Acelero Learning centers practice a common program model and leverage its corresponding tools and content, which we also utilize in the work SEL does in collaboration with Head Start partner programs across the country.  

You can read the full Leading by Exemplar report here