What Our Partners Say

What our partners say about their experience: 

“Shine provided stability and guidance during a potentially difficult period… Shine’s knowledge of Head Start, ability to deploy resources with limited notice, and professionalism were key.” — Region IV Early/Head Start grantee

“We continue to be impressed at the commitment to quality early learning, qualitative and quantitative approaches to decision making, dedication to diversity, equity, and inclusion, and genuine partnership its leadership and staff exhibit. In less than six months, the Shine Early Learning organization successfully developed and launched a Quality Support Center that serves over 4,000 families in 150+ locations.” — Public system executive leader

“Our educational team’s competency and confidence has grown tremendously as a result of our partnership with Shine Early Learning…. We have experienced first-hand Shine’s relentless passion and expertise in delivering training and technical assistance at a significant scale.”  — Region V Early/Head Start grantee

“Preparing to re-open after our program’s COVID closure was daunting. Just in time, SPARK created resources to help us navigate re-starting our program. We even mentioned this on NAEYC Hello. Thanks, SPARK. The resources, such as the Health Screening Logs, and letter templates, helped us prepare for our re-start more quickly and efficiently. We were able to re-allocate the time we saved by using SPARK’s on-line resources to direct care and services for the children in our program.”  — Early childhood education provider in Indiana

“Shine assessed our strengths and needs and prioritized building the capacity of our family engagement team and approach…With our staff, we have shifted our agency mindset and implemented practices based on universal positive regard, where we accept and respect our families without judgment. The result has been an increase in authentic partnerships between staff and families with a shared belief that strong parent/child attachments lay the foundation for lifelong success.” — Region V Early/Head Start grantee

“We relied on Shine’s early childhood expertise to transform our education programming. Led by a team of Shine practitioners, we implemented a practice-based reflective coaching model that elevated the quality of instruction in our classrooms. Between 2012 and 2018, we used CLASS to assess classroom quality and our scores continue to exceed the national average published yearly by the Office of Head Start. We are confident that our increase in scores is directly correlated with the quality of coaching and individualized support provided by Shine.” – Region III Head Start grantee