Facilities Support

Now Announcing Shine Facilities Services and Products

Finding new facilities, rehabbing current spaces, and completing 1303 applications can be difficult to navigate. Over the past 17 years, our Shine Early Learning Facilities Team has completed more than 30 facilities projects, including 13 total gut renovations. We teamed up with former Office of Head Start expert Belinda Rinker and Alan Baquet to create a series of videos designed to help with planning and preparing for the Part 1303 application process.

Introduction to Facilities

Facilities are the foundation of high-quality services. This introductory video focuses on: 

  • the importance of ongoing facility assessment, maintenance, and repairs;
  • planning for large scale complex projects, including purchase,  construction, and major renovation; and 
  • how to access Office of Head Start funding for facilities projects.



A facility project requires careful planning and organization. This Planning video focuses on the various components that programs should be aware of before tackling their facility needs and prior to getting their project off the ground. 

Part 1303 Application

45 CFR Part 1303 Subpart E (aka Part 1303) describes what a grantee has to demonstrate in order to receive Head Start funds for a covered facilities project. This video provides a solid look at the requirements of application requires and the complex 1303 application.


Every Part 1303 application looks different, depending on the scale and complexity of the facility project. This video places a lens on the range of projects and the types of funding support often required.