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What We Do

At Shine Early Learning, we provide innovative and data-driven services, solutions, tools, and insights to make the greatest impact for children, families, and communities.

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Explore our research-tested accessible tools designed to accelerate positive outcomes in early childhood programs.

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Our Approach

What sets us apart

Through long-term partnerships, we build relationships that provide comprehensive support.

Our first-hand knowledge and experience as early education operators, drawn from our sister organization Acelero Learning, inspire problem solving and continuous improvement while keeping a caring approach at the center of our work. We maintain agility and adaptability at the core of all engagements.

Who we serve

Early Childhood Education Leadership Workshop

Head Start

We collaborate with Head Start, Early Head Start, and community early childhood programs to build capacity and expertise, driving quality in care and education. Together, we implement innovative, research-driven practices that build upon the strengths of our partner organizations and offer a wide-ranging portfolio of products and services that deliver positive outcomes for children and their families. 

Partner and staff member in working session of Shine Leadership Academy

Public Systems

We collaborate with states, municipalities, and school districts to design and implement the highest quality initiatives within public early education systems. From integrating research-based tools to providing support and coaching for educators and caregivers, we expand access to the most innovative approaches.

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Special Projects

For programs requiring support in only specific areas or needing shorter-term support, we provide customized solutions.

Areas of Impact

Dedicated to accelerating child, family, and partner outcomes in these key areas: Data-driven Innovation and Research; Early Childhood Education; Family Engagement and Health; Comprehensive Program and System Management; Grant and Funding Services; Developing and Empowering Leaders; and Business, Administrative, and Operational Support Services.