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Head Start & Community Partnerships

We support Head Start programs and community early childhood education providers nationwide in achieving the highest quality and driving better child and family outcomes.

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Our Approach

We configure our support to our partners’ needs.

Over the course of multi-year partnerships, we support programs in their implementation of our high-quality, outcomes-focused initiatives in monitoring systems and analysis, early childhood education, and family and community engagement.

How we partner

Starting with consultation and advising, we configure comprehensive solutions offered in tiers and bundling of services tailored to the needs of individual programs. Our leadership and capacity building happens through training and coaching and a community of practice with others in the field of early childhood education.

Special Projects

For programs requiring support in only specific areas or needing shorter-term support, we can provide customized solutions for your needs.

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Partner Spotlights

Services & Solutions

We harness data to design inclusive, evidence-based approaches that unlock potential and promote achievement and lifelong success.

Evaluation: We conduct rigorous evaluations to assess program effectiveness, identify strengths and areas for improvement, and maximize positive outcomes.

Data services: We leverage data to inform evidence-based decision-making and drive continuous improvement in early childhood education programs.

Research and Innovation: We advance early childhood education through cutting-edge research and innovative approaches that inform best practices and drive transformative change.

We create inclusive learning environments that honor the diverse aspirations and cultures of the communities we serve, empowering young children to thrive.

ECE Implementation and Execution Support: We provide guidance, expertise, and resources to ensure successful implementation and execution of early childhood education initiatives.

Child and Teacher Assessment: We administer comprehensive assessments to measure developmental progress, identify individual needs, and tailor educational interventions for optimal child outcomes.

Curriculum Implementation: We support the effective implementation of research-based curriculum, fostering engaging and developmentally appropriate learning experiences.

ECE Practice-based Coaching Model: We promote the development of ECE core competencies among education staff through coaching models.

Disability and Mental Health Systems: We create equitable and inclusive systems of support for differently abled children and their families.

By engaging families and communities as partners, we accelerate child and family outcomes, respecting their aspirations and cultural values to create lasting positive change.

Family Engagement Foundations: We lay the foundations to build deep and authentic home/school partnerships with families and communities.

Family Engagement in Supporting Children and Development: We collaborate with families to enhance their understanding and active involvement in promoting their child’s growth and development.

2 Gen Family Well-being: We address the holistic needs of families by providing comprehensive support and resources to promote family well-being and stability.

Health and Nutrition: We promote optimal health and nutrition practices in early childhood settings through education, policies, and access to nutritious meals.

Family Engagement Practice-based Coaching Model: We promote the development of FE core competencies among family engagement and health staff through peer to peer group coaching models.

Eligibility, Recruitment, Selection, Enrollment, and Attendance: We ensure fair and equitable access to early childhood education services through effective eligibility, recruitment, selection, enrollment, and attendance processes.

Our comprehensive support services ensure that early childhood programs and systems meet compliance requirements, and embrace inclusivity, excellence, and equity, leading to improved outcomes for children and families.

Compliance and Monitoring Support: We assist programs in maintaining regulatory compliance and providing monitoring support to ensure adherence to quality standards.

Program Governance and Management: We strengthen program governance and management practices to ensure efficient operations, alignment with objectives, and accountability.

Food Services: We set up and maintain CACFP compliant food services systems within ECE environments.

Planning and Service Design: We assist in the development and design of comprehensive early childhood service plans to meet the specific needs of communities and maximize impact.

Startup and Launch Support: We support the successful initiation and launch of new early childhood education programs, providing guidance and resources for a strong foundation.

We support the design and delivery of comprehensive strategies to secure funding, empowering organizations to drive positive change in early childhood education and support the inherent potential of young children. 

Grant Strategy Support and Development: We collaborate with organizations to develop effective grant strategies, identify funding opportunities, and secure resources for program sustainability.

We cultivate strong leadership capacities, inspiring early childhood professionals to lead with a commitment to inclusivity, anti-bias practices, and excellence, driving impactful change.

Leadership Capacity Building: We strengthen leadership skills and capacities of early childhood education professionals to drive positive change and foster program excellence.

Short-term Leadership Support: We provide interim leadership support.

We develop efficient and effective business, administrative, and operational support services to enable high-quality early childhood education programs and systems.

Administrative HR Support Services: We provide administrative support and expertise to streamline operations, optimize efficiency, and ensure effective program management.

Fiscal Services: We assist with financial management, budgeting, and reporting to ensure responsible stewardship of resources and program sustainability.

Facilities: We support the management and maintenance of early childhood program facilities to create safe, nurturing, and developmentally appropriate environments.