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Explore our innovative, research-tested, and accessible tools designed to accelerate positive outcomes in early childhood programs.

Products, Shine Early Learning
Inside HELP

Child Assessment

Our family-centered, curriculum-based assessment tools for infants, toddlers, and preschoolers including HELP® simplify the data collection process to give you more time to engage meaningfully with the children in your care. 

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Preschool teacher and student

Classroom & Home Learning Curriculum

Our classroom curriculum Ready to Shine supports and builds on young children’s natural curiosity and playfulness for children preschool age. Our research-based home learning curriculum, Shine on Families is designed to strengthen the partnership between educators and families, extending classroom learning into the home.

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Sample Manage By Execution MBE Report

Data & Monitoring Systems

Shine Insight, Self-Assessment System for Continuous Improvement and Evaluation (SASCIE), and our Manage by Reports help you leverage data to inform evidence-based decision-making and drive continuous improvement in early childhood education programs. Shine Stat provides data for strategic planning.

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Maria Begg-Roberson leading professional development workshop

Professional Development

By participating in our Leadership Workshop Series series, leaders will gain insight into visionary leadership, cultivate a culture of continuous improvement, and enhance their ability to inspire and lead their teams to new heights.

Our comprehensive 90-day curriculum Digital Onboarding prepares teachers and advocates for success in their new roles.  

Training For Action is designed for instructors, seminar leaders, and anyone in early childhood education who aims to elevate their training to the next level

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