Head Start & Community Programs

At Shine Early Learning, we support the highest quality Head Start programs in the country.  We build strong foundational systems with seasoned organizations as well as those new to early childhood and/or Head Start to ensure compliance with the Head Start Program Performance Standards. We partner with providers to strengthen their organizational and leadership capacity. We support our partners in designing and implementing innovative, research-driven practices to deliver better outcomes for children and families.

Our approach is to configure our support to reflect our partners’ experience and immediate needs. Ideally, over the course of multi-year partnerships, we support programs in their implementation of our high-quality, outcomes-focused initiatives in monitoring systems and analysis, early childhood education, and family and community engagement.  What does this look like in practice?

We successfully work with ambitious organizations that are new to Head Start to secure funding that will allow them to operate exceptional Head Start programs within their own communities. We have assisted in the development of programmatic designs that understand and respond to the community’s unique needs. In these “co-operating” partnerships, together we determine which roles and responsibilities will be held by the grantee and which will be filled through our support.

In previous and current partnerships, the grantee has staffed the classroom educators and all other programmatic positions, and Shine has provided:

  • Senior leadership
  • Data analysts
  • Educational coaches
  • A complete Family Services unit

We offer key areas of training and technical assistance that have the ability to be highly impactful for your organization when coordinated. This assistance may include, but is not limited to:

  • Monitoring systems and analysis
  • Family engagement
  • Early childhood education, including disabilities and mental health