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Data & Monitoring Systems

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Sample Manage By Execution MBE Report

Our data and monitoring systems help you leverage data to inform evidence-based decision-making and drive continuous improvement in early childhood education programs. 

We offer technical assistance, training and coaching to support implementation of these tools and resources.

Insight Family Goals


Shine Insight

We believe that for a Head Start program to be successful, managers need access to real-time data to be able to make good decisions, and all stakeholders need to know the program delivers positive, measurable results.

Shine Insight incorporates our Head Start service delivery tools to capture data, analyze outcomes, and continuously improve. This Acelero Learning-developed intelligent data system documents a wealth of data about children and families, as well as the provision of health, nutrition, disabilities, mental health, education, and family services.

Shine Insight is a Head Start-specific child information database that both captures data as well as integrates workload management and Shine’s unique Manage By Information reporting systems into a real-time data environment. Data system reports can be used regularly by staff at different levels to ensure your program is meeting Head Start Program Performance Standards and to guide program improvement.

Implementation of Shine Insight supports efficient, effective management, ensures the availability of accurate, timely information regarding children and families, and allows leadership staff to easily monitor the provision of services in all areas.

Self-Assessment System for Continuous Improvement and Evaluation (SASCIE) 

Self-Assessment System for Continuous Improvement and Evaluation (SASCIE): SASCIE is our comprehensive tool for program monitoring, self-assessment, and improvement and also forms the basis of our annual planning cycle. This tool systematizes and codifies the use of other monitoring tools and is used to improve program quality and operations at a deeper level. We offer technical assistance, training, and coaching to support implementation of SASCIE.

Sample MBO Manage By Outcomes Report

Manage By Reports

Manage By Information (MBI) Report:
The MBI report, available as a real-time report in Shine Insight, captures key compliance indicators in all areas of program operations: education, health, disabilities, family services, and ERSEA. This report can be shared with all managers, staff, board, Policy Council, and Policy Committee members, providing a top-level view into compliance with key Head Start Program Performance Standards.

Manage by Execution (MBE) Report: The MBE report is produced on a monthly basis and measures success on key implementation and execution indicators against best practices in the field or internal standards of excellence. Like the weekly MBI, the MBE touches on all areas of operations and can be shared with all leadership, staff, Policy Committee, Board, and Policy Council members.

Manage By Outcomes (MBO) Report: The MBO report is produced quarterly and captures key indicators of our program’s success in terms of child and family outcomes. It can be shared with leadership, staff, board, Policy Council, and Policy Committee members.

Shine Stat

Shine Stat provides the collection of data related to available timely measures used to illustrate early warning signs uncovered during continuous self-assessment. The measures in Shine Stat should be derived from program goals and annual objectives, as well as from SASCIE. The data collected over time reflects progress toward goals and can be used for strategic planning. Technical assistance, training, and coaching is available to support implementation of Shine Stat.